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D.J. Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief, MUSCLE MEDIA® Magazine

"As the long-time Editor-in-Chief of MUSCLE MEDIA magazine, I've seen a lot of 'muscle-building products' come and go. But I can tell you, C9-T11 2.0 is an A+ product that works. And I've come to this conclusion not because I've read some 'blog' about it — but rather, because I've actually TRIED the product myself and was blown away by the results — 11 pounds of muscle gained and 5 pounds of fat lost in 28 days. 

"When it comes to evaluating sports supplements, I base my opinions not on what some Twitter or YouTube 'ding-dong' has to say but rather: 1) peer-reviewed scientific research published in credible university journals; and 2) actually trying the product myself. And I can tell you, I'm sold on the science of this product and believe in it based on my real-world results."  D.J. Kennedy, Editor-in-Cheif, Muscle Media Magazine



"I love this product!! I have used this for six weeks now and the results are extremely satisfying. If you are considering using this supplement know first that it does what it claims to do — build muscle! Secondly, it is a safe product when used as directed; however, do not expect immediate results, you should see change in approximately 3 weeks or so. Excessive mid-waist fat deposits will also take a few weeks to notice but you WILL notice a slow decline in fat content. I recommend increasing water intake to help flush fat and build the muscle fibers, first notable in the biceps. This is a good product and If one does even a light workout, muscle definition and size will occur."

—Rob Sage, Fayetteville, NC

"I have tried and love it I've had it for three months. My arms are bigger; maybe because of doing push-ups every day for lunch. Can really feel the difference after a workout for sure. Even after doing 50 push-ups you could fill it in the chest and arms for a couple hours ; feels good and swollen. Buying another one right now hope you enjoy."

—Dan Rodgers, San Diego, CA

 "It's pretty hard for me to pack on weight. This helped me bulk up last few months. Love it!"

—Brian Esquibel, Durham, NC

"One of my co-workers suggested that I try this and my muscles never felt better. They even looks more defined and feels a lot firmer/ thicker than before as well. I would mos def recommend this product to someone else."

—Troy E. Harris, Okinawa, Japan 

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